4 Sites To Send Long SMS Free India (500 Characters)

I have may requests from readers about long SMS sending sites or programs. I was also willing to post something useful. I have already discussed about a site that let you send long SMS, but now I have four ways that you can use to send long SMS in India.

(1) Bollywoodmotion
Finally blast at the last, bollywoodmotion let you send 500 characters long SMS in India without signup. I do not know this service works or not I tried to send SMS, it told send but I did not receive any SMS, so the service may be fake or due to Ayodhya verdict.

I do not know about any other services that let you send long SMS for free, if you know any other please tell me by leaving a comment or you can email me.

(2) CodeSMS
Send free SMS to ant network in India. Send SMS using your own mobile number. CodeSMS let you send 320 Character long SMS.

(3) MyCantos
On 8 November I had an email from MyCantos telling about 300 characters long SMS  I can send.

(4) Rapidmaza
Rapidmaza is similar to Bollywoodmotion, you can free SMS in India up to 500 characters.