How to Get Identity Card for Election Commission of India

I have my Election Card of Identity card and I have voted two times. I was very late to get this fortune. If you are Indian citizen and are over 18 years you have right to vote. But you need Voter Identity Card (EPIC). In India many people are Indian citizen and they are over 18 years but they do not have it, there can be many reasons for it.

If you are also one of them who does not have Election Card. To get your voter card you can apply online.

Every five years some of government employees will come to your home and they will ask details about you and family and you have to fill the form and you get your identity card. But if you missed the opportunity, still you can get your card without waiting for next five years.

Visit and download form no. 6.

You will have to fill this form nicely, your age, address and other needed information. You have to submit this form to election commission office in your area. You have to find out this.