15 Sites to Send free SMS in India

Sending SMS in India to mobile phones was never so easy and still it is not. But now you can send free SMS in India means free of cost. If you have Internet and using it to do other works you can use it to send free SMS in all India. How’s that!

Many websites now allow you to send free SMS. Some sites are only for SMS and other services are related to SMS and some other sites has a SMS sending feature.


  1. 160by2
    160by2 is known for SMS sending because it is main service of 160by2. You can send 145 character SMS.
  2. Way2sms
    Way2sms is also only for SMS sending, its all other services are related to sending SMS. You can create your email ID also youname@way2sms.
  3. Youmint
    Youmint is also known for sending SMS, you can 80 characters message.
  4. Atrochatro
    Atrochatro is also an SMS sending site.
  5. Indyrocks
    Indyarocks is now social networking service and SMS feature is only a feature of Indyarocks but before it was known as SMS sending site. You can send 130 characters long SMS.
  6. Sendsmsnow
    You can send free SMS in India and in other countries.
  7. Mycantos
    You can send up to 300 characters long SMS, you can signup using Facebook.
  8. Site2sm
    You can send 260 characters long SMS on any mobile in India. This is a popular site free sending SMS.
  9. Smsfi
    It is more than SMS site. You will see forums, greetings, news, cricket, games
  10. Foosms
    You can send free SMS without login the only condition is your number should not be in DND list.
  11. Smstau
    SMStau has a dictionary of SMS words, that may be useful for new guys.
  12. Smsindia
    You can change your user ID, this feature is unique I think. You can have multiple user ID and swap between them.
  13. Smsti
    This one is in this list, you can send unlimited numbers of free SMS in all India of 160 characters. And it will not include any ads. I tested this service and it worked but sometimes it can take some time to deliver message to check if something illegal.
  14. Fullonsms
    On this site there is nowhere mentioned that you can use full characters but its name is suggesting and I have found reference for this site so I have included this site in this post.
  15. Fcall
    Fcall.in let you make free calls and Send long SMS Daily within India. Fcall let you make daily 20 minutes call free of 4 minutes each. You also can send 460 characters long  SMS. 460 characters are enough for an SMS.