How to Get Marriage Registration Certificate in Gujarat

Marriage registration is necessary in India. Still there is no awareness about it. In India there are two marriage acts (here). Marriage registration certificate is useful if you need to prove that you are legally married to someone. It is also useful to change your maiden name and get a passport.

From the point of view certificate is more important for a girl than a boy, because a girl need to prove she is married to someone.

There are two marriage acts in India, here I am discussing about Hindu Marriage Act. At the time of marriage the age of the girl should be at least 18 and the age of the boy should be at least 21.

The real process of marriage registration can be different in other cities and states of India but here in Ahmedabad it is easy. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has Civic Centers and Urban health Centers according to area wards, both centers can be on different places, each area has different wards. Marriage registration is done in Urban Health Centers. In future it can be transferred in Civic centers.

Marriage registration form is available in each urban health centers. You will get three pieces of papers in the form of form, there are two same information forms to fill about details and one is application form.

There is some fee, if it is applied within 30 days of marriage it’s only 5 rupee fee, after 30 days it is 15 rupee and after 3 months it is 25 rupee.

You need 2 stamp ticket of Rs. 100 for each detail form, there are two detail forms whose are same. You have to fill same information. You can get it in GPO (General Post Office). It is not recommended to stick the stamp ticket in advance because if there is any mistake in the form you may be asked to resubmit the form. You can stick the stamp at the time of registration in the office.

You need some documents such as photograph of bridegroom and bride of marriage ceremony, true photocopy of identity card such as Election card or driving license of both, true copy of school-leaving certificate or birth certificate or affidavit. You also need to collect true copy of identity card of the priest and witnesses. Self-attested copy may work, depending on the registrar.

On the detail form there should be the signature of bridegroom, bride, priest and witnesses, on the application form signature of bridegroom and bride is needed.

The registration process can take more than two days, you can collect the form from any urban health center, it will take a day. You will complete the form and collect the documents and signatures. You also need the Kankotri (wedding invitation card from bride side).

You cannot apply in any ward or office; it can be applied in only area where the ceremony of the girl was held. If bridegroom’s home is in ward A and bride’s home is in ward B then the ceremony (kanyadan and Vivah Sanskar) obviously would be held in ward B. You should go for in right ward otherwise you will be sent to right ward. If both are from same ward there is no problem.

Sometimes the distance between bridegroom’s and bride’s home can longer like both are from different states. If the boy is from Ahmedabad and the girl is from Delhi and the ceremony was held in Delhi then the registration process will be done in Delhi not Ahmedabad.

When everything is ready anyone can go to the office (Urban health center) such as Bridegroom, Bride, father or mother of bride or bridegroom. You may get the certificate at the same day while applying for registration or you may be asked to come later. You may be asked for some extra money from your Rajji Khussi (willingness). It is done only three days in a week in any office as Money…Wednesday…Friday.

It is not necessary to take any witness with you to registrar but registrar can ask to come with witness if he/she wants.

It is good to go both husband and wife for certificate.

Registration process was easy for me, though it took me 6 days (6 trips) to complete and get certificate. The cost was about 1000 rupees including all fee, stamp card, petrol price and extra expanses while on trip.

This process can be easy or tough for you, depending on the distance, situation and registrar. You can get the regurgitation form, stamp ticket the same day. The other day you can get the true copy of ID card and signature of priest and witnesses. And the next day you can apply for it.