Things you can do with your New SBI Debit card

SBI sending master cards and blocking access to Maestro cards
SBI sent me a Master ATM-Cum-Debit Card. It is a 16 digit card and have a 3 digit CVV number on the back side of it. Now all the new SBI users are getting this card. This is international card. But the previous card that has stopped working for me, it was a Maestro card with no CVV number and it had 19 digits. SBI is replacing Maestro cards with Master cards.

What you can do with your SBI debit card?

We mostly use debit cards in ATM to withdraw cash. And sometimes we make payments online. But we mostly ignore to take other benefits of this card. You have to go in ATM to use these services. So let’s take a look on these facilities that you get on a SBI debit card.

  • Online Payment  (if master/visa card is accepted)
  • Fast Cash withdraw on any bank ATM in India
  • Card to card money transfer
  • Mobile top-up
  • Credit card payment
  • Pay SBI life premiums
  • Check bank account balance and mini statement
  • Pay utility bills
  • Register for mobile banking
  • Change your PIN in ATM
  • Request for Cheque book
  • Make donations

How many facilities have you tried?
You can see there are many things that we can do with SBI debit card but I have used only 5 facilities.