Download BhagwadGomandal: Gujarati Lexicon Dictionary

This post is for Gujarati peoples, who know Gujarati language and want to know more about, because BhagwadGomandal is made for them.

What is BhagwadGomandal?

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This is an excerpt from BhagwadGomandal’s website:
“Bhagwadgomandal is the biggest and the most prolific work in Gujarati. Visionary Maharaja Bhagwatsinhji of Gondal gifted the original Bhagwadgomandal to the world after 26 years of scientific and detailed work. Till date, this encyclopedic dictionary remains a cultural milestone of Gujarati language.”

You can read more by visiting source page here. You can visit the website here.

How to download?
You can download it from this page.
Alternatively you can download it from Gujaratilexicon also by clicking here.