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Two Days Of News And Then People Forget: Nirbhaya’s Mother On Ghaziabad Gangrape Case

Nirbhaya's mother spoke on the Ghaziabad gangrape case reported on Wednesday and said the police and administration have to do their jobs with honesty to avert such incidents.

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Asha Devi, mother of the victim of the December 16, 2012 gangrape case, said Wednesday people move on easily even after ghastly rape cases, even as she blamed the authorities for not doing much to ensure the safety of women. She was speaking after a woman was allegedly gangraped and tortured in Ghaziabad, and an iron rod was allegedly inserted into her private part.

“Two days of news and then people forget”, she said. Sharing her thoughts after a woman was allegedly gangraped and tortured over two days in Ghaziabad, she said: “It has been 10 years since the Nirbhaya case, we are still in the past.”

Questioning the police, she said, “Don’t know if the police have a problem with women or they just don’t want to work.”
Asha Devi added: “Nirbhaya got justice, but so many others like her have not. Most cases are pending in courts.”

Blaming the authorities for the situation, she added: “In some way, the police and governments are responsible for such cases. These are happening every day. If we really want safety and justice, the police should work with honesty.”


DCW Takes Cognisance Of Ghaziabad Gangrape Case

A woman in Ghaziabad was allegedly gangraped and tortured for two days, the Delhi Commission for Women has said after taking note of the case. An iron rod was also found in the woman’s private part. The Ghaziabad gangrape case has brought back memories of the horrific Nirbhaya incident that shook the country in 2012. 

The DCW said the woman was returning from a birthday celebration on the night of the incident. While she was waiting for an auto, she was kidnapped by four people in a Scorpio vehicle and took her to an unknown location.

The DCW said, “The gang continued to rape and torture her for two days. They even inserted an iron rod inside her private parts. Thereafter, they hid her in a jute bag and threw her out on the road. The woman was found n a very serious condition in a pool of blood, with the iron rod still inside her.

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