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Kerala Lesbian Couple, Once Separated by Families, Turns Brides in Wedding Photoshoot

Kerala's Adhila and Fathima who were reunited by the Kerala High Court after being separated by their families have gone viral after posing as brides in a wedding photoshoot.

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Adhila Nasarin and Fathima Noora, the lesbian couple from Kerala who fought a tremendous personal battle, have come upon happy times. The couple who were separated by their parents had been reunited by the Kerala High Court back in June.

Adhila had filed a habeas corpus petition following which Fathima, who was allegedly “abducted” by her family, appeared before court. The court, upon learning about their wish to live together, had granted them permission to do the same. Now, in a happy development, the two have gone viral again for a wedding photoshoot where they posed as brides.

“We just tried the photoshoot because we thought the idea was interesting,” Adhila told the BBC. The couple would like to get married at some point in the future. Same-sex marriage does not have legal sanction in India, although Delhi high court and the Supreme Court are considering petitions in this regard.

Adhila expressed her frustration to the BBC, talking about how any form that has to be filled out asks for a husband, wife or father’s name. This is even more problematic when you consider the fact that Adhila and Fathima are not on good terms with their family.


In fact, their families still believe that their relationship is a passing phase. The two have been together since their school days in Saudi Arabia.

Although Fathima and Adhila have many supporters and well-wishers, they do struggle with detractors who direct similar barbs at them about their relationship being a “phase”, a common homophobic stereotype that queer couples grapple with.

Fathima and Adhila now advise people in the queer community to become financially independent. It was also the advice that they had received from support groups- “finish your education and find a job”.

Fathima insisted on the importance of having a job to the BBC. The financial security that comes out of getting a job means one is not at the mercy of anyone else, she added.

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