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Why The Bairabi-Sairang Rail Project In Mizoram Is A Big Deal

Mizoram will be connected to the rest of the nation via the Bairabi-Sairang New Line Railway Project. The project should be finished soon

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The exotic flora and dense bamboo jungles of Mizoram can now be closer than ever. The Bairabi-Sairang New Line Railway Project is anticipated to be finished soon. Once done it would link the other states in the country with the northeastern state of Mizoram.“This project, once it is finished, will herald the beginning of a new age in terms of communication and business, in the North-eastern area of the country, especially Mizoram,” the statement by the Northeastern Frontier Railways (NFR) read.

This project aims to create an additional 51.38 km long railroad track. The Project is also constructing 55 major bridges which require about 42000 MT of steel to be built.

Once finished, it would connect the rest of the nation’s states to Mizoram.

The statement also added that constructing these bridges was a crucial aspect of the project and that labourers are working day in and day out to complete it in time. There are numerous obstacles in the way of this project’s completion, including the extremely long and intense monsoons, the difficult terrain through dense forests, the limited accessibility, the lack of construction materials and skilled labour in Mizoram, etc.


Sabyasachi De, Chief Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Northeast Frontier Railway said that once the project is completed it will improve communication and commerce in the Northeastern region of the country, especially Mizoram.The NFR also mentioned that the process of transporting prefabricated girders to various bridge sites is difficult. It requires the constant use of trailers and heavy machinery to help with hilly roads.

Once the project is completed and the line is in operation, the state’s tourism and socio-economic development will receive a much-needed boost. Residents will get access to the rest of the country and Mizoram will be able to receive a steady supply of essentials necessary to meet people’s requirements.

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