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Can’t Say They Don’t Know When Terror Camps Operate Openly: EAM Jaishankar Flays Pak In Vienna

The minister added that terrorists are being trained in military-level and combat tactics in Pakistan.

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External Affairs Minister Dr. S Jaishankar on Tuesday slammed Pakistan for breeding terrorists within its borders saying that terrorist camps operate in broad daylight in the neighbouring nation, and no one can say that it (Pakistan) does not know about it. Speaking in Vienna, the minister said, “If you (Pakistan) control your sovereign space, which I believe they do.

If terrorist camps operate in broad daylight with recruitment & financing, can you really tell me that Pakistan doesn’t know this? Especially, they are being trained in military-level, combat tactics.” He further said that Pakistan is the country that attacked Mumbai and it keeps sending terrorists every day, reported ANI

“Pakistan is the country which attacked the city of Mumbai, which went after hotels and foreign tourists, which every day sends terrorists across the border,” he said. He added, “I could use much harsher words than epicentre. Considering what has been happening to us, epicenter is a very diplomatic world as this is a country which has attacked our Parliament some years ago.”

The minister also spoke on the India-China border issue saying satellite pictures can clearly show who moved the forces to the border. Jaishankar said that India and China had agreements not to mass forces in Indian borders, but China has not abided by the agreements.


“We’ve seen levels of military pressure, which has no justification. The record is very clear, because today there’s a lot of transparency. You’ve satellite pictures. If you see who moved the forces to the border areas first, I think the record is very clear,” ANI quoted Jaishankar as saying. He said, “We had agreements with China not to mass forces in our border areas and they have not observed those agreements, which is why we have currently tense situation.

We had an agreement not to unilaterally change the line of control, which they have tried to unilaterally do.”

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